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Salvaged in 1960, now on display in a museum. After an eventful and productive voyage, Zee Haen returned to Batavia 6 months later. Washington: USS Washington; ship-of-the-line; Length: 190. While returning to New York fully laden with silks and satins from Cobin, Japan, she was wrecked during a storm on December 15th, 1901 on a beach near Ocean City. She also set a record of 99 days between San Francisco and Liverpool. She was taken out of service and broken up in 1909. She was not present at any other Napoleonic battles and was turned into a prison ship in 1812, a powder hulk in 1814 and finally broken up in 1821 cassie steele she dating.

She capsized and sank in a squall while chasing a blockade-runner on December 8, 1846. She was put into reserve in 1812 in Portsmouth. The Susan Constant was accompanied on her voyage by the Godspeed carrying 52 settlers and the Discovery with 21 passengers. Later claims that the crew had been drunk were somewhat refuted. 2 m; 1,664 tons; Comp: 530; Armament: 28x32pdr, 30x24pdr, 16x9pdr; Deptford Dockyard, England; 1787 The HMS Vanguard was Nelson s flagship after returning to duty after his right arm was amputated in 1797. 8 ft; 2,250 displacement tons; Comp: 750; Armament: 74 guns; Maine, United States; 1814 Built at the Portsmouth Navy Yard in Maine, The USS Washington operated mainly in the Mediterranean as a deterrent to the Barbary corsairs. The Dutch East-India company (VOC) ships left Batavia on the 14th of August 1642.

She was lost in a hurricane when she was being taken back to England in September 1782. She was captured by the British and renamed HMS Peacock in October 1812. The Zuytdorp left Zeeland on the first of August 1711 for Batavia and wrecked on cliffs just south of Shark Bay on the Western Australian coast somewhere between May and July 1712.
. William Badger:Whaling Ship; Length: 106 ft; Beam: 26 ft ; Depth of hold: 13 ft; 334 tons; Crew: 25; Armament: 1x32pdr cassie steele she dating. Western Union:Schooner; Length: 130 ft; Key West, Florida, United States; 1939 The Western Union was built as a cable ship for, as its name indicates, the Western Union Telegraph Co. The HMS Vanguard saw action at the Battle of the Nile, between a prepared attacking British fleet and an unprepared and anchored French fleet, one of the most decisive naval victories of that time. United States: SS United States; Three-masted barkentine-rigged wooden hull side-paddle wheel steamer; Length: 244.

From 1820 to 1843 she was placed in ordinary until finally broken up in 1843. .

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