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Charivari — Literally miscellany or assorted knicknacks, a parade of performers headed by clowns, performing various jumps on road and trampoline. 5 meters in length, this prop is held by one acrobat on his forehead, shoulders or in a special socket waist-belt socket, while another acrobat balances on the persch. Corde Volante — French for flying rope , an aerial act on rope fastened on two ends to the rigging, the center hanging slack, but without the center bar that would turn it into a trapeze. Khazie — Toilet, from the Romani for door. Spools — Circus props, hollow metal cylinders used in various circus acts.

Also used in other circuses with a similar definition, the word is in general daily use in Europe to mean a collection of varied little curios or, alternately, a merrily raucous celebration. Dzigits (or Tzigits) — Russian word for Mongol horseman, an act displaying spectacular Caucasian and Cossack horsemanship. Heath Robinson — A jerry-rigged cobbled-together repair. One performer, lying on his back on a special support like a bed, juggles another performer. Strength Act — A traditional strong man act, or more recently, an act in which one or more performers balance their bodies in poses demanding great strength and stamina.

Roller — The special harness used on a Ring Horse by the bareback rider. Pantomime — A circus play depicting some scene or event, from heroic-battle scenes and performances involving huge stage sets to animal plays and short miniatures performed by mime clowns. Stick and Rag Show — A low-quality mud show.
. Low gallery seating has only seat boards and your feet touch the ground. .

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