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In the United States, Abstergo and other Templar-controlled corporations ceded rights to its workers and their labor unions, but only as a means to tie the people closer to the Templar capitalist vision francois graff dating. Internal memos stolen from Abstergo in 2012 implicated the corporation s involvement in the 1954 overthrow of Guatemala s socialist President Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán and installation of Carlos Castillo Armas as his replacement. Johnson, a Templar puppet, continued the push towards the Moon, and in July 1969, Templar agents Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the Moon and retrieved the Piece of Eden. They feared mass unemployment if the mathematician successfully developed robots, and that such an invention would threaten the progress of the Plan francois graff dating. [1] In both instances, Abstergo worked through the CIA, a branch of the U. In 1937, the formulators of the Plan, as well as Templar puppet and President of the United States, Franklin D. Eventually Desmond reached Vidic s office, where his father sat surrounded by armed guards. When the Templars became aware of the existence of an Apple of Eden on the Moon, it tasked NASA with working towards a mission to land on the Moon and retrieve the artifact. During World War II, Abstergo remained quiet, but kept track of the progress made abroad by Templar puppets H and S (Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin). Desmond refused, killing any security guards who crossed his path. The assembly line was an early means to control both workers and the capitalists who employed them, representing the first step in the Templars goal to subjugate the world through economics. [1] Abstergo and the Shah removed Mosaddegh from power and placed him under house arrest, where Mosaddegh later died in his home in 1967.

Firmly in control of the United States government, Abstergo continued its interference in other nations. Despite the fact that William would tell the team to forget him, Desmond decided to rescue his father. When Subject 17 attempted to steal a First Civilization battery from an office in Manhattan, Daniel cornered him at gunpoint. This goal later formed into total control and possession of all Pieces of Eden. Thanks to Templar intervention, however, Gary s book never saw the light of day. [1] Abstergo also suffered a major setback in their Eye-Abstergo project when an incident took place in Denver that led to a large loss of civilian life and key Abstergo equipment. On the surface, it was a collection of communications, weather and observation satellites, though the Eye-Abstergo addition was intended to amplify the powers of an Apple of Eden. In the 1970s, Abstergo focused on Argentina and Chile out of a recognized need to ensure company s success and allow their agents to move freely from country to country and maintain power within all of them. In 1910, assorted Templar leaders, including Ford and Olds, formulated the Plan. In early 2012, the head of Abstergo ceded control of the company to an unknown person. [1] In the same year, Abstergo developed its first fully-functional Animus device and began to seek out appropriate test subjects. Desmond then prompted the rest of the guards to kill themselves.

intelligence community it had controlled since its inception. In Chile, Abstergo planned to open up the markets and force the sale of all public companies to the private sector. In retaliation, Warren sent Daniel Cross to deal with the Assassin threat.
. As Vidic pleaded for the last time, Desmond influenced one of guards to turn his gun on Warren, shooting and killing him. Sophia Project The Sophia Project studied cellular information and the means by which information was passed genetically. By 2011, Abstergo employed its considerable communications division to use closed circuit television to spy on civilians. In November 2004, an author known only as Gary was writing a book on the CIA, and through his research, he had discovered evidence that Abstergo had interests in every large company across the planet. In a phone call, he warned his successor that if the free market failed, the civilian populace would turn against capitalism and Abstergo. Vidic, frustrated with Desmond, stated that he was no longer an asset to Abstergo and authorized the guards to kill him on sight. As a failsafe, Abstergo then made sure future leader Vladimir Putin would continue to push for capitalism just as his predecessor Yeltsin had. Known divisions, companies and subsidiaries ―An Abstergo employee e-mailing Vidic about the Fluoride failure. Some time later, Daniel tracked Desmond to a martial arts tournament in Brazil, where a woman held another battery that Desmond needed.

The product Abstergo was experimenting with was named New Fluoride. .

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