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Educate for ministry in a racially, ethnically and culturally diverse Archdiocese. Identify demographic trends in the parish, specify the particular issues of racial and ethnic diversity facing the parish and establish strategies to address these challenges from a vision of faith match com dating headline ideas. Although we would not have been able to explain it, we created our own space and had the feeling of surveying the bus and the street from a privileged vantage point. Acknowledging our sins, we continue the journey of conversion and reconciliation, which prepared the great Jubilee of the year 2000. Catholic institutions have helped shape this area s story. The Spirit moves us to reflect on how to make that love visible in our neighborhoods and places of business, in our work and recreation. Integrate in art, music, literature, history, science and religion courses the contributions of Hispanic, Asian, Native and African American peoples. Listening and welcoming, the Church is a place of encounter, of racial dialogue and intercultural collaboration. We must embrace one another as formerly estranged neighbors now seeking reconciliation. The destruction of the economic value of their house is a threat to all that they have accomplished. Dwelling with God in His Church By baptism in Christ, we have been graced and called into the community, which is his Body. The Empowering Gifts of the Spirit From diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds, we accept and embrace in faith the love of God that compels us to dwell together in love. Thoroughly embarrassed, I did not much enjoy that afternoon in downtown Memphis and never afterwards got on a bus there. marched through Chicago neighborhoods is at once familiar and new.

2 This pastoral letter will address one of the many sins which affect our relationships among ourselves and infect, as well, institutions within the Archdiocese of Chicago and in our society: the sin of racism. 16 Racism is also visible in imprisonment and in the administration of the death penalty. These policies establish more equitable tax bases and lower tax-rates everywhere, allowing poorer communities to attract jobs and to pay for social and public services. In the Eucharistic assembly we share all the cultural, racial economic and spiritual gifts given us by the Spirit in order to enrich and transform both Church and society. 15 Sometimes, with a genuine desire to be more inclusive, one or two black, Hispanic, Asian or Native Americans are asked to fill leadership positions in order to change the internal culture of an institution. Jesus gave us the means to find our way back to his Father, whom he taught us to call our Father. and God saw everything that he had made, and it was very good. We have preached the Gospel while closing our eyes to the racism it condemns. My predecessors as Archbishop sometimes addressed these disputes, spoke to Catholics on their common membership in the Mystical Body of Christ and preached intermittently against the sin of anti-Semitism. Racism, whether personal, social, institutional or structural, contradicts the purpose of the incarnation of the Word of God in the womb of the Virgin Mary. Patterns of social and racial superiority continue as long as no one asks why they should be taken for granted. Watch real estate, housing and land use policies, especially in the communities where the Church owns land, in order to oppose economic segregation and foster the development of affordable housing. So also may they be one in us, that the world may believe that you sent me. Maintaining current patterns of ethnic, cultural, racial and economic isolation and hostility tarnishes our call as Church to be a universal sacrament of salvation.

Loving and just relationships are the manifestation of our communion with God. Parishes Participate in Archdiocesan programs, such as the Workshops on Racism and Ethnic Sensitivity, designed to bring about better race relations in the parishes and neighborhoods. [Such] defendants are more likely to be sentenced to death than white defendants, for the same crimes.
. 7 These groups serve today as places where African American Catholics work to develop leadership and institutions that nurture and sustain the Catholic faith in a manner sensitive to black culture. Too often, when decisions about the future of the Archdiocese are being made, the persons around the table do not adequately reflect the rich cultural diversity that shapes our Church, city, nation and world. 11 Overt racism is easily condemned, but the sin is often with us in more subtle forms. Thomas the Apostle, Holy Angels, Holy Cross, St. Since racism is a failure to love our neighbor, only freedom from racism will enable us to be one with God and one another. could not be answered simply with Hyde Park or Humboldt Park, the West Side, the South Side, the Southeast Side, the Northwest Side or Evanston match com dating headline ideas. We can learn to live, work and pray in solidarity with the stranger now recognized as our neighbor. 25 As we continue to struggle against racism within the Archdiocese, we see a time when all of God s children will be contributing to the governance of this local Church. As the answer to the question, Where are you from. Finally, as a bishop of the Catholic Church, I hope to include and respect many different experiences in a letter such as this but most of all, I intend to present the teachings of the Church in our present context. .

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