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Thus, although doing no harm should be one s first consideration, it must not prevent the clinician from avoiding all treatments which have some risk attached. You may not have the right to prevent a patient from acting in a way that you consider to be inappropriate but that does not mean that you condone it. Record ethical considerations just as you would clinical matters. Do you think there is a potential problem here. When in doubt, one s medical defence organisation can be most helpful. Ideals and the Hippocratic Oath have been covered in a separate article but it is worth repeating the summary of the Oath here: A solemn promise: Of solidarity with teachers and other physicians. Beneficence From an ethical viewpoint, morality requires that we not only treat patients autonomously and refrain from harming them, but that we also contribute to their welfare.

However, there are occasions when one s obligations to the safety of others and the greater public good must override one s duty of confidentiality to the patient, such as the disclosure of a serious crime. Breach of confidentiality is not to be taken lightly and it may have serious consequences for the doctor/patient relationship and the doctor s reputation. In fact, the Hippocratic Oath that every physician is required to take at the beginning of this career clearly mentions a willingness to refrain from any act of seduction, male or female. Much has been written about medical ethics and it would be impossible to cover everything here. This may be verbal but, even so, such consent should be recorded in the patient s notes medical ethics dating patients. Of beneficence (to do good or avoid evil) and non-maleficence (from the Latin primum non nocere , or do no harm ) towards patients. Gartrell NK, Milliken N, Goodson WH 3d, Thiemann S, Lo B.

More details can be found in the separate article Consent to Treatment in Children (Mental Capacity and Mental Health Legislation). This is particularly true of lifestyle issues. Many view the law as a baseline for articulating the limits placed on individuals living within society as well as an enabling device to facilitate social relationships.
. Medical ethics clearly prohibit any sexual contact between a doctor and a patient medical ethics dating patients. Following GMC guidance does not absolve clinicians from using their own clinical judgement in individual circumstances. Chicago, IL: American Medical Association; 2008:283. .

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